Suits – the Greatest Show on TV that’s Really Not the Greatest


I was one of the very few people amongst my social circle that watched Suits back when it actually premiered. It was an entertaining show, that had drama, a little bit of romance, and some comedy wrapped up perfectly together. But what really got me hooked was that they made the corporate world look interesting! 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are people out there who love the corporate world, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I get bored quite easily, but Suits took care of that. And when Season 2 started, all of a sudden, everyone I knew was watching the show. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, but what annoyed me the most was that people declared this as “the greatest show on TV”. No, no, no. Do you watch Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad? Have you ever heard of The Wire? These are the top shows on TV, albeit, The Wire ended years ago. But if Suits does it right, they have a good chance at being one of the top dogs on television. 

For example, in a realistic setting, Donna would have been fired, and never gotten the job back. Yes, I know, she’s really hot, and everyone loves her, but that doesn’t change the fact that she destroyed evidence. There’s legal repercussions for that, you know… I remember, people actually got annoyed at me for even saying that. They said Harvey was being unreasonable when he fired her. Well, I’m sorry, but his entire career was on the line. Do you expect him to just give it up because his secretary made a huge blunder? And even worse, Donna makes a big issue about not coming back at first, but as soon as she’s given a better cheque and an apology from Harvey, she’s all on board! Speak about selling your integrity… 

And I know that TV is supposed to be fictional and what not, which is great, and I’m completely okay with fiction, because if I wasn’t, I would complain about Mike not being qualified to be a lawyer. But just because something is fictional, it shouldn’t be unrealistic. I’m looking at the very end of the Season 2 finale when Mike comes back with a document claiming to have the signature of their client, but really it’s just his signature. This really really annoyed me. He casually walks in, throws the dossier on the table, and not a single one of those Harvard graduates opened up to confirm it. How are these guys lawyers, let alone senior partners in a big firm?! The build-up to the finale was intense, with Harvey sucking up and apologizing to the woman for tarnishing her husband’s name; Hardman playing off the nice guy role well, ultimately being the biggest fraudster out there; Mike’s grandmother’s death; Louis’ character as a good person, etc. But oh man, when I saw the ending to that finale, boy was it a let down. 

But I guess let bygones be bygones? I’m hoping the new season turns out even better; I know it has the potential to. There are a lot of things the show could explore, such as Harvey’s past, and his time as an associate with Louis, which would possibly shed some light over the whole Donna-Harvey situation, as well. We could look into the past of the Pearson-Hardman relationship, because I know Daniel Hardman is not done, and he’s going to come back, gunning for what he thinks is his. But if the past is something they don’t want to explore, I would very much be interested in how things turn out with the firm, now that Jessica Pearson knows that there are a few people in her office that want her out. 

PS: In the finale, if Mike had handled it right, he could have totally had a threesome with Rachel and Tess. 

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